ordering commissions:

send orders to sarahkkreeft@gmail.com

ordering: send an email with your commission choice, any extras, a description of what you'd like and any references. pet portrait requests must include at least one photograph reference. please let me know how realistic or cartoony you would like the style.

paying: i will let you know if i need any more detail or if i am booked up. once we are all set, i will send a paypal invoice and an estimated time of delivery. once you pay the invoice, you can expect your work in usually between a few days to 2 weeks. if i am booked up, you can ask to be waitlisted.

processing: all tiers other than PWYW sketches may get progress updates and some small revisions.

using: use, post, and remix wherever, with credit. i reserve the right to reuse your commission for promotion.

yes i will draw

gore and horror
lightly erotic gore
soft lewd
weed, alcohol, cigarette use

no i wont draw

hardcore nsfw gore
other illegal shit


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